Matt Kenseth Wins Daytona 500

February 28, 2012

After a delay due to the weather, several wrecks throughout the week and a fiery crash that stopped the race for two hours, Matt Kenseth was the victor of the Daytona 500, which will go down in the history books and be remembered as one of the most bizarre races in its history.Fayetteville

Matt Kenseth

Absolute craziness, right? Mother Nature did not want to cooperate at all on Sunday, thus prompting the powers that be to schedule the race Monday in prime time. It would be a first for the Daytona 500, racing under the lights and on a weeknight, no less.

This is Kenseth’s second Daytona 500 win, three years after his last victory in 2009.

With 40 laps to go, Juan Pablo Montoya’s car went out of control and hit a safety truck, causing a fiery explosion. Luckily Montoya made it out of the vehicle practically unscathed, albeit a hurt foot, and it definitely could have turned out much much worse. About 200 gallons of fuel flowed onto the track near Turn 3, and the race had to be stopped so that everything could be cleaned up and repaired. A little over two hours later the race started up again, with Kenseth and his Roush Fenway Racing teammate Greg Biffle out in front. Biffle was the protector, helping his teammate, but in the end Dale Earnhardt Jr. pulled ahead of Biffle and took second place behind Kenseth.

Following Kenseth’s win, he thanked his teammate. β€œI need to thank Greg Biffle,” Kenseth said. β€œHe had a fast rocket. It was a matter of who got out front first.”

And that folks, is how the Daytona 500 came to an end, just before 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, almost 36 hours after it should have started on Sunday. Congratulations to Matt Kenseth on his win! One he won’t soon forget.


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