The Giants Win The Super Bowl!!

February 5, 2012

Now didn’t I say yesterday that I predicted Eli Manning and the New York Giants would win the Super Bowl? Yep, them boys from New York did it once again! What a great game it was, with Eli and company coming back in the 4th quarter to win another Super Bowl. Oh, and he was named the SB MVP for the second time as well. Hooray! I couldn’t be happier!

Eli Manning New York Giants

The 4th quarter was certainly making my blood pressure rise, how about you? I can’t even imagine how the whole Manning family felt as they watched Eli in Lucas Oil Stadium, where his older brother Peyton has played since 2008 when it first opened.

It was an 88 yard drive that resulted in Ahmad Bradshaw’s 6 yard run to put the Giants up 21-17. It started with Manning throwing a 38-yard pass to Mario Manningham. Amazingly, he was able to keep his feet in before going out of bounds. The Patriots challenged the play, but it was in vain, because after review, and as we all saw in slow mo, there was no doubt that Manningham was in. He said of the play later, “I knew as soon as the ball hit my fingertips, I was going to have to freeze my feet. I kind of knew I was in.” So that started the drive, and ended with Bradshaw’s touchdown. 57 seconds remained on the clock. Brady and company would have their chance to get the ball in the end zone. The last play of the game saw the Pats at midfield, with Brady throwing an unsuccessful Hail Mary pass into the end zone. I guess those prayers Gisele asked for her Tommy did not come through.

What did Manning have to say tonight following their win? “It just feels good to win a Super Bowl. It doesn’t matter where you are, what stadium.”

Congratulations to the New York Giants! Super Bowl Champs, baby!

Photos: Stamas

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