Quote of the Weekend – Novak Djokovic: “My Toes Were Bleeding”

January 30, 2012

By now you’ve heard of the epic Australian Open final match that went down between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal Sunday night. The grueling fight for the win lasted five hours and 53 minutes, ending at around 1:35 am Monday morning Melbourne time. For those that were on hand to witness the historic event right before their eyes, wow! While Djokovic had much to say about the final, we’ve taken a little snippet and dubbed it the “Quote of the Weekend”.

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With this physical and grueling match going down in the history books — the longest Grand Slam final ever – Djokovic called his Australian Open win the “best of his career”, Wimbledon up there as well, since that was a tournament he always wanted to win. Just two days before, Djokovic met Great Britain’s Andy Murray in the semi-final, with their match lasting four hours and 50 minutes. I am still amazed at the fact that Djokovic was able to last almost six hours in his physical battle with Rafael Nadal on Sunday. But as an athlete, you are regularly pushed to the brink, and in Novak’s case, he admittedly “enjoyed the pain”. He said:

‘You’re trying to activate your legs, you’re trying to push ­yourself another point. Just one more point, one more game. You’re going through so much suffering your toes are bleeding. Everything is just outrageous, but you’re still enjoying that pain.’

Playing with bleeding toes? Yikes! That’s perseverance for you! I have to say, I have the utmost respect for both Djokovic and Nadal. They put on an incredible show, one that tennis enthusiasts enjoyed through and through and will remember forever. Nadal should be proud of the way he played that night, and even though he lost, he did say that it was a loss in his career that he was actually happy with. Indeed.

Photos: www.wenn.com/ATP

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