Kurt Warner Reality Show “The Moment” Due Out Later This Year

January 25, 2012

Former St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has been tapped to host a new reality show from the USA Network. “The Moment”, which is due out later this year, revolves around Warner giving folks a second chance to a different career. And we all know that Warner knows a thing or two about second chances, by far the perfect person to host this show!

Kurt Warner

Nine episodes of the show have been ordered and let me tell you, I am gonna love watching this series! Yikes, my DVR is getting fuller and fuller as the weeks go on. Kurt Warner is highly revered here in my home state of Arizona so anything that he is involved with I will gladly watch, participate, blah blah blah. I can’t tell you enough how incredibly giving he and his family are in this community. Amazing!

Executive producers Charlie Ebersol and Justin Hochberg released a statement today regarding the reality show:

“Everyone has a ‘what-if’ moment in their life — a decision or path they could have taken – but rarely do they get a second chance to explore what could have been. We created a format that taps into this emotion, and proved so powerful that it attracted Kurt Warner — the guy who got his own second chance — to his first reality hosting gig.”  

The executive producers are right. Don’t you have a certain “what if” moment during your lifetime, where if you could turn back time and do it differently, wouldn’t you? I think for the most part we can all answer that question with a resounding “Yes!”.

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know Kurt Warner’s back story by now, let me refresh your minds a bit. After college, he was unsuccessful in being drafted by the NFL in 1994. He would try out for the Green Bay Packers but alas, it didn’t pan out. So, without a team to play for, he ended up working at the local grocery store in his home state of Iowa. In 1995, Warner signed on with the AFL, playing for the Iowa Barnstormers. In 1998, he was finally signed to an NFL team, the St. Louis Rams. The following season, he started off as the backup to QB Trent Green, but took over when Green injured his knee in pre-season. Warner led the Rams to the Super Bowl, where they beat the Titans 23-16.

Don’t you love that Cinderella story? The executive producers got it right when they chose Warner as the host of “The Moment”. Will you tune in?

Photos: www.wenn.com/Michael Carpenter

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