Vanessa Bryant & Victor Ortiz Dating?

December 23, 2011

Just a week after Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from her Los Angeles Lakers star husband, Kobe Bryant, comes the news that she and boxer Victor Ortiz are dating. What do you think? Fact or fiction?

Vanessa Bryant Victor Ortiz

A source revealed to Bill Zwecker, a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, that Bryant and Ortiz were allegedly seen having lunch and looking quite chummy in Marina del Rey, California. The source added that the restaurant is known to be a “sneak joint”. Okay really? If everyone knows it’s a supposed “sneak joint”, who the hell is gonna go there if you don’t want everyone to know your business? Anyhoo, it looks like the source may have mistaken Vanessa and Victor for another couple because Ortiz denies that the two were together. He said they’ve never even met!

So to squash the rumors of he and Vanessa dating, he put out the following statement last night:

“I would like to deny any and all rumors that I am dating Vanessa Bryant,” Ortiz said. “In fact, Mrs. Bryant and I have never met. It is unfortunate that during her family’s trying times in her relationship with Kobe, uncaring people start these rumors without any merit.”

Ortiz did state that he does have a date in the future. With whom, you might ask?

“The only date I have is with destiny on February 11, 2012, against Andre Berto. That is the only date I’m focusing on. Happy and healthy holidays to all.”

So no, Vanessa has not already moved on to a new man, but if she has, so what? We all know that Kobe has had his fun a la Tiger Woods style (okay, allegedly), so whatevs. She stood by him during his 2003 sexual assault allegation and as an “I’m sorry” gesture, Kobe gave Vanessa some major bling, a $4.4 million dollar 8 carat purple diamond ring. And yes, the ring is hers to keep, she won’t be giving that baby up in the divorce.

Photos: Cortes/Daniel Tanner

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