Peyton Manning Injury Update

December 19, 2011

The Indianapolis Colts finally won a game yesterday, their first of the season, ending their 14 game losing streak. So what’s the latest on Peyton Manning’s injury? He reportedly sported some pads and threw around to a receiver and running back last week, hoping that he might be able to play. Will he suit up and play the last two games of the season?

Peyton Manning

During a post-game news conference following the Colts’ win over Tennessee, 27-13, Bill Polian, Vice Chairman for the Colts, said that Manning will not be playing the last two games of the season. Of Manning’s recovery, team doctors decided Thursday that he hadn’t progressed enough and made the decision that he should not be allowed to play the remainder of the season. Polian also pointed out that Peyton’s workout with Joseph Addai, Jeff Saturday and Anthony Gonzalez occurred after Wednesday’s practice ended, therefore not needing to put Manning on the practice report and they didn’t break any league rules. Polian said:

“I want to emphasize here that we broke no rule. We had no obligation to report that workout. It was a post-practice rehabilitation workout, which is perfectly and completely legal. We have the tape of it, as I mentioned, and if anyone at the league office has any questions regarding it — and no one has asked — we would be happy to supply them the tape.”

As far as keeping Manning active on the roster:

“That decision was made last Thursday by the medical people. That is consistent with what (owner) Jim Irsay and I have said all year. So there is absolutely no change in our position. We have said we have kept him active in order for him to get back into practice if that was possible. That was the reason for keeping him active.”

Manning will turn 36 in March, the same time the Colts organization need to make a huge decision regarding Peyton. Do they draft Andrew Luck and dump Manning? Leave me your thoughts below.

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