Imogen Thomas Clears Name In Blackmail Accusations By Ryan Giggs

December 15, 2011

News from across the pond — this morning, Imogen Thomas’ name was cleared of blackmail accusations made by Ryan Giggs. The High Court declared that there was no basis for footballer Ryan Giggs to accuse the reality star of blackmail.

Imogen Thomas

Thomas reportedly had an affair with Giggs, and she has vehemently denied that she sought $150,000 from the Manchester United player to keep quiet of their fling. Giggs had tried to keep his identity a secret, obtaining a gag order over his reported affair with Thomas, preventing the media from telling all about his alleged affair with the Big Brother star. In court documents he was simply known as CTB. He was outed by Twitter, with over 75,000 people tweeting his name as the Premier League player who had had the alleged affair with Thomas. Obviously 75,000 people couldn’t be jailed because they identified Giggs.

How did the blackmail claim come about? There was an article written in The Sun on April 14th, about the alleged affair, where Thomas’ name was revealed but not Giggs. He claimed that it was Thomas who allegedly went to The Sun about said article, which Thomas denies. Fast forward to the present, where Giggs now accepts the fact that Thomas did not blackmail him.

In a statement made in High Court today, Thomas’ attorney said:

“In these circumstances, CTB accepts that there is no basis to accuse Ms Thomas of blackmail. He also accepts that her conduct in the period leading up to the publication of The Sun article was motivated by a desire to avoid the publication of private information.

“CTB and Ms Thomas have now resolved matters between them. Ms Thomas did not want to disclose private information concerning CTB. That remains her position now that the record has been set straight.”

What a sigh of relief for Imogen Thomas, as her name is now cleared. She took to Twitter and tweeted, “Honestly. Thank u. X”.

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