WW, Jessica Simpson Agree To $3M Deal?

December 13, 2011

There apparently is some talk going on between Weight Watchers (WW) & Jessica Simpson. The buxom blonde has reportedly been talking to the weight loss company and may sign a $3 million deal to lose weight following the birth of her baby early next year.

Jessica Simpson

The some time actress revealed in October that she is indeed pregnant, finally confirming what we all knew all along. Her growing baby bump was getting harder and harder for her to hide. Page Six reported that she had been offered several deals from different weight loss programs, and it’s a done deal with Weight Watchers. But, other sources claim that she hasn’t signed on the dotted line just yet.

Reports suggest that she is in a hurry to lose that extra baby weight following the birth of her firstborn because she and her fiance, former football player Eric Johnson, plan to wed soon after. No pressure, right? I wonder if she plans on breast feeding? We all know you shouldn’t be following a strict diet while nursing. Just sayin’. Give your body time to heal first too, Jess. You certainly don’t want to overdo it!

Former American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson has successfully lost weight on the WW program following the birth of her son, and she looks ahh-mazing! Almost unrecognizable, eh? I hate to say this, but she’s looking a tad bit on the skinny side, and I hope she doesn’t plan on losing anymore weight and is simply on a maintenance plan right now.

Back to Jess… We have seen her battle the bulge in the past. Sadly, she, along with any other Hollywood star who gains some weight, has long been the subject of tabloid fodder when it comes to her expanding waistline. I say, enjoy your pregnancy cravings now, lol! We’ll know soon enough if WW and Jessica come to an agreement.

Hey, Weight Watchers…pay me $3 million and I’ll lose all the weight you want.

Photos: www.wenn.com/Three Kings

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