Karina Smirnoff, Brad Penny Engagement OFF!

December 7, 2011

DWTS pro Karina Smirnoff and her Detroit Tigers pitcher fiance Brad Penny have called off their engagement, and quite frankly, I’m not surprised by the news at all. I knew something was up when it was announced a few months ago that their wedding was postponed, citing Karina’s focus on DWTS.

Karina Smirnoff Brad Penny

According to E! Online, Smirnoff was in Las Vegas over the weekend doing some promo work at the Venetian. She reportedly only wore her engagement ring for the cameras, but once the flashes stopped, off came the ring. Okay, so why even bother wearing it? If she was trying to be sneaky about taking her ring off when she was no longer photographed, it obviously didn’t work because she was found out. And now EVERYONE knows. That’s why they have reps, right? They can get the word out that you’re dunzo and you don’t have to worry about trying to keep your split under wraps. I just don’t get these celebs sometimes. I’m sorry, but as a celeb, your private life is seemingly not so private. The truth will come out sooner rather than later.

Smirnoff and Penny met through former DWTS contestant Chuck Liddell in October of 2009. One year later, Penny asked for her hand in marriage and gave her a gorgeous diamond sparkler worth a reported $95,000. Here we are, a little over a year later, their engagement is called off and they have decided to go their separate ways.

They originally had a wedding date set for January of 2012, but a few months ago, right in the heart of the DWTS season, the wedding was “postponed”. At the time it was reported that Karina’s grueling DWTS schedule left her no time to really plan her wedding, thus putting the nuptials on hold. I think they probably split at that time and wanted to hold off any negative press regarding a canceled wedding until the DWTS season was over. Just my two cents.

Oh well, you know how it goes with celeb couples. Another one bites the dust. But perhaps Penny is already moving on?

Photos: www.wenn.com/DJDM

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