Matthew Barnaby’s DWI: Fired From ESPN, Faces Deportation

December 6, 2011

Matthew Barnaby’s DWI charges from early Monday morning have led to his firing from ESPN and now the former hockey player faces deportation back to Canada because of a second run-in with the law. Get all the details below!

Matthew Barnaby

Matthew Barnaby was fired from ESPN Monday as their hockey analyst following his arrest for alleged drunk driving earlier that same day. He was pulled over by Erie County Sheriffs in Clarence, New York after he was seen driving his Porsche Cayenne without its front tire. The vehicle had considerable damage to the front of the car. He refused a breathalyzer test, allegedly failed numerous sobriety tests given to the 38-year-old and had his driver’s license taken away. Barnaby found out later Monday that he had been let go from the network. Josh Krulewitz, an ESPN spokesman, released a statement regarding his termination, “We spoke with Matthew and informed him we terminated his ESPN contract, effective immediately.”

So, not only does Matthew Barnaby, the former Buffalo Sabres player, lose his job, he is in jeopardy of being deported back to Canada. Because this violates the one year “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal” he received in May after a domestic dispute with his soon to be ex-wife. He was ordered to complete 500 hours of community service. He basically had to steer clear of any bad behavior. Fast forward to early Monday morning’s DWI charge. Not good.

Frank Sedita, Erie County’s District Attorney, said:

“If you allegedly commit another crime, you put your ACD in jeopardy. It’s just way too early in the process for me to make any decisions yet. But it is a serious matter because depending on what decisions I make, that could have consequences to what he faces on the other side of downtown with federal authorities.”

What do you think? Should Barnaby be sent back to Canada for his lack of judgment? He caught a break earlier this year, but this time around he needs to pay the consequences.

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