Kris Humphries Victim Of Alleged Scam, Wedding Guest Arrested

October 30, 2011

Kris Humphries was the victim of an alleged scam, and it was none other than a wedding guest at his nuptials in August who was arrested! This can’t be good for the already alleged rocky start of his marriage!

Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries was just one of the many who was scammed out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by hedge fund manager Andrey C. Hicks. All in all, Humphries and the other victims invested $1.7 million in the bogus Locust Offshore Fund Ltd.

Hicks reportedly lied to Humphries and the other investors, claiming that he was a Harvard grad, but in fact he only attended the Ivy League school for three semesters before getting the boot due to bad grades. The one Math class he reportedly took earned him a D-. Hicks was arrested Friday in Canada, where authorities believe he was planning his escape to Switzerland. He has been charged with wire fraud. Check out Andrey C. Hicks’ photo here.

His rep told E!:

‘Kris Humphries is a victim of an investment fraud. He is working with law enforcement authorities and will not have any further comment until the matter is resolved.’

With all the latest buzz that Kimmie is none too happy with Kris right now for being ‘lazy’ and partying hearty while she brings home the bacon and he is out of work due to the NBA lockout, this news certainly doesn’t bode well with the socialite. Additionally, a new report surfaced that she was ‘shopping around’ for boyfriends before she met Kris, suggesting that he was #2 on her list behind New York Knicks forward Danilo Gallinari. Reps for E! allegedly approached Gallinari and asked if he was interested in dating the reality star and would be featured on the newest Kardashian franchise, ‘Kourtney & Kim Take New York’. Gallinari wanted to meet Kim, but had no interest in dating her. Hmmm.

How much longer will these two stay married before they head to splitsville? Weigh in with your comments below!

Photos: Dixon

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