Moto GP Marco Simoncelli Crash Video

October 25, 2011

Italian Moto GP Marco Simoncelli died during a crash at the Malaysian GP at the Sepang International Circuit, on October 23rd, 2011 a week after Indy car racer Dan Wheldon died in Texas. Like Dan’s Marco’ crash video are both shocking and devastating.

Marco Simoncelli

24 year-old Marco Simoncelli also known as Super Sic and who rides with jersey #58 was competing at the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix as part of Team San Carlo Honda Gresini when he lost control of his bike during the second lap of the race and while on the 11 curve of the course, Marco lost his helmet when his body received an impact by Colin Edwards and then by Valentino Rossi. Marco laid unconscious in the track while Edwards ended up with a dislocated shoulder.

Marco was taken to a hospital in Sepang where doctors tried to save his life, while in the ambulance he received CPR, they continued to do so for 45 minutes at the medical center but it was to no avail. Sadly at 4:56 p.m local time Marco Simoncelli was pronounced dead, the doctor who treated him released the following statement:

“Because of the crash he had during the race, in which he was hit by other riders, he suffered a very serious trauma to the head, to the neck and the chest. When our medical staff got to him he was unconscious. In the ambulance because there was a cardiac arrest they started CPR (cardiac pulmonary resuscitation). Immediately in the medical center, with the help also of the doctor of our staff at the Clinica Mobile and local doctors, he was intubated and it was possible to take off some blood from the thorax. The CPR was continued for 45 minutes because we tried to help him for as long as we thought it was possible. Unfortunately it was not possible to help him and at 16:56 (local time) we had to declare he was dead.”

Marco from Cattolica, Italy moved to Moto GP last year when he joined the San Carlo Gresini Honda team, that same year he finished 8th at the 2010 Portuguese motorcycle Grand Prix.

Marco is survived with his parents Paolo and Rossella, other members of his family and girlfriend Kate, our prayers go out to them during this terrible tragedy.

Marco Simoncelli 1Marco Simoncelli 3Marco Simoncelli 4

Photos: ATP.

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