Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian heading for Divorce?

October 23, 2011

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have totally denied there are breaking up or heading to a divorce, yet he has been seen without his wedding ring. Now, rumors of Kris cheating on Kim with a blond and getting a lap dance from two girls simply identified as Jill and Lauren have been released, so is it true? Who are these girls at the LIV club named Jill and Lauren?

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This is not looking good – Kris and Kim Kardashian getting divorce already? What went wrong? Rumors are circulating that Kris and Kim are not wearing their wedding rings, well Kim said the time photographers snapped a picture of her without it was when she was leaving the gym, she never wears any jewelry when she hits the gym, but what is Kris’ justification for not wearing his?

And what about him moving boxes and luggage from their hotel? Is he moving out? Well both of them are, as Kim and Kourtney finished filming their reality show in the big apple. But then what about that magazine saying they were getting a divorce? Well that was Life And Style and Star magazine so you shouldn’t be surprised. They also said Kim caught Kris with a blond at 5:00 a.m, but Kim already said they are not splitting up, that’s not all some media said the whole wedding was just a marketing thing, others said the divorce rumor is just for publicity.

Ok so what about those girls at the LIV club on September 30th that allegedly gave Kris Humphries a lap dance? Another story from Star magazine. They reported that a witness talked to them and he or she said all about the steamy night of Mr. Humphries and these girls identified for now just as Jill and Lauren, that same source added that one of the girls tweeted about their experience with Kris another tweeted a sarcastic apology to Kim plus told about the fact both Jill and Lauren were hoping to move things to Humphries’ hotel room, but before that could happened one of the girls was dragged out of the club because she was too drunk.

“Jill and Lauren started dancing in his lap,” that source told Star magazine. “It got really steamy, and Kris did nothing to push them away!”

Yikes!! So trouble in paradise, yes or no? What do you think? Do you know who are these Jill and Lauren, do you know them? If you do please tell!!!

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Photos: Ivan Nikolov, D. Salters, Mr. Blue.

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