Paris Jackson To Join the LFL? Grandmother ” How dare you invite my granddaughter to join the Lingerie Football League!

October 21, 2011

Is Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson joining the Lingerie Football League? Did the LFL invite Paris to join them? What team? Is that why her grandmother Katherine Jackson slammed them so harshly? A lot of questions and we have all of the answers, so shall we??

Paris Jackson Lingerie Football League

Paris Jackson is the second child and only daughter of the late Michael Jackson. His mother, Katherine Jackson, is the matriarch of Paris and her two brothers Prince and Blanket and she is doing a wonderful job with the children who are living a very normal life, far from the one they were living with their famous father.

They are currently enrolled at a normal school and get to interact with other kids. That is where young Paris got invited to join her school football team, where she will be the only girl playing along boys.

That was enough of a hint for Mitchell Mortaza the Lingerie football League’ commissioner to send an invitation to 13 year-old Paris to become the LFL young spokesperson. The idea he had in his crazy mind was that because obviously Paris can’t be a playing member of the association, but she could start training to become a player in about 5 years when she turns 18. The official letter was directed to Katherine and posted by TMZ.

As you can imagine grandmother Katherine was just disgusted by Mortaza’s invitation, a source close the Jackson’s family spoke to media about her reaction and this is what that person said….

“Katherine views this as a disgusting attack on a minor. There is a hell storm inside the family at the moment. A teenage spokeswoman for a lingerie league? That’s just creepy and downright offensive.”

What do you think of this story? Don’t you think Mortaza went a little to far this time? What celebrity would you like to see joining the Lingerie Football League?

Paris Jackson 1Paris Jackson 2Paris Jackson 3Paris Jackson 5Paris Jackson 4

Photos: DJDM, Apega, Agent 47, Owen Beiny, Daniel Deme.

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