Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger split

October 21, 2011

Another Sports WAG has left the building people, former Pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger and her British F1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton have split up, for good this time. The sad news was revealed today by British newspapers and other media, but tell me do you know why they split up? Busy schedules or a third person involved?? Find out!!

Lewis Hamilton Nicole Scherzinger

33 year-old Nicole and 26 year-old Lewis met at the European Music Awards in Munich, Ms. Scherzinger became of our dearest and hottest sports WAG on November 2007 when she began dating Formula 1 champ Lewis Hamilton who is currently a car racer with McLaren Team. Although some of us only found out they were in fact an item in November 2008 when she was by her man’s side in beautiful Brazil when he became world champion.

Back on January of 2010 rumors about Nicole and Lewis splitting up were heard, when he was questioned about the breakup he said..

“I just want to move forward in a positive manner. The focus is on this season and doing the best I possibly can and getting the results on the track. I’m just keeping my mind on that. It never was a distraction but I am not going to take my mind off what I’ve got to do by thinking about it.”

However 5 months after that news was released they were spotted together at the Canadian Grand Prix. Just this year, I think it was sometime in July, the news about Lewis popping the big question to the former Pussycat Doll was released – the source was her own father. Nicole went to her twitter account and denied her alleged engagement, that was weird right? Until this day we are not sure if he really said it, maybe he spilled the beans and she denied it to protect her privacy, or Mr. Scherzinger has some sense of humor.

Today the news about their breakup hit media all over the world and apparently this time there is no chance of a reconciliation, as they split up for good, but there is no third wheel here, just their busy schedules and the distance that make them impossible to see each other often. A source close to them spoke to media..

“Nicole and Lewis have tried to make it work but realized it’s just not happening so have called it a day once and for all. They’ve spoken at length about it but agreed there’s no point as they never see each other. They spend their whole time on opposite sides of the world. Although they came to an amicable decision, Nicole is actually devastated about it. She thought Lewis was the one.”

Quite sad right guys? I am pretty sad myself, I adore Nicole and she and Lewis made quite an amazing couple. Do you think it is for real this time?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Michael Wright, Fayes Vision, Starbux.

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