Shane Warne and Liz Hurley Prenup in the Works?

October 21, 2011

Australian cricketer Shane Warne and his British model and actress fiancé Elizabeth Hurley are ready to walk the aisle but have they come up with a prenup to protect their wealthy bank accounts? Aren’t they getting a prenup? When is their wedding? We can tell you a little bit about that! Ready?!

Shane Warne Elizabeth Hurley

42 year-old Shane Warne is not exactly what you can describe as a great soon to be husband, his extramarital infidelities have been way too ugly to ignore. Ex-wife Simone Callahan left him for good when he accidentally texted her, the message was meant for an alleged mistress. And that wasn’t the first time he has been involved in texting affairs. The first time was back on 2000 when he allegedly began sending inappropriate messages to a woman who was later charged of harassing her, but the second texting infidelity cost him to lose the Aussie vice-captaincy so…when I heard he might have gotten with Liz Hurley (46) who might have dumped her husband, Indian textile heir Arun Nayar, for Warne I was worried and to be honest. I was sort of hoping everything about that picture of them kissing might be a rumor or a mistake, but when they announced their relationship on twitter I was like what the &*%$ seriously???

She has been upgrading his image – he looks neat, elegant and almost nice to look at, not that much though. Anyway on September 30th Liz and Shane announced their engagement, yes another kick in the stomach, media quickly posted pictures of Hurley’s big engagement ring a large $50K sapphire diamond ring that could hurt your eyes.

And you must be wondering what about the wedding date? Have they decided on the date? Well nobody is getting any younger here, but they said they are in no rush to get married, certainly they said it in a much fancier way..

“We’re a bit romantic and old-school and are enjoying being engaged for a while.”

But let’s get to the prenuptial agreement: is it settled and signed or almost ready to be signed, right? Well, nope that prenup is not even near ready to be prepared, Shane and Liz said they don’t think they will worry about that.

What? seriously???? Do you think they should be worried? Are you worried? Do you think they wil get married eventually?

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Photos: Zibi.

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