2012 London Olympics: Streaking Warrants £20k Fine

October 17, 2011

At the 2012 London Olympics, anyone who has any notions of streaking at the event could be left with a hefty price to pay, a £20k fine to be exact. That’s roughly $31,600 in the U.S. Yikes! Definitely one should think twice about, eh? It’s certainly not worth it.

London Olympics

Of the fine, a government spokesperson said:

“Advertising on the human body could lead to a fine of £20,000. It is about potential ambush marketing and trying to crack down on that. Sponsors pay a large amount of money to be the official sponsors of the Games. These advertising and street trading regulations protect their investment and association with the Games.”

The ‘ambush marketing’ tactics will not be tolerated close to the main Olympic sites either, with any streakers who appear near Big Ben or Westminster Abbey will also be handed the 20,000 pound fine. Additionally, there is talk of possible jail time as a form of punishment as well.

While many are believe that the £20k fine is ridiculously high, think about the sponsors who ante up millions of dollars during this event. How fair is it that they pay for the advertising, yet a person can expose himself with a brand for free to virtually billions of TV watchers across the world?

Golden Palace, an online casino, had a streaker take a jump during one of the diving events at the 2004 Athens Olympics. The streaker, Ron Bensimhon, wearing a blue tutu, had GoldenPalace.com scrawled on his chest. He was sentenced to five months in prison for his actions, but that was dropped after he paid a fine of about $3000. Golden Palace denied they had anything to do with the stunt, claiming Bensimhon acted on his own behalf.

So streakers, you have been warned. But will this hefty fine really thwart would be ambush marketers? Leave me your thoughts below!

Photos: www.wenn.com/Hayley Chamberlain

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