Did Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Make Racist Remarks To Manchester’s Patrice Evra?

October 17, 2011

Did Luis Suarez really throw a racist rant on Patrice Evra? Evra said he did and more than 10 times while Luis said he never did such a thing so who is telling the truth? Let’s discuss this and check the facts plus we found a little video that you will find after the jump.

Luis SuarezPatrice Evra

On Sunday night Manchester United faced Liverpool but the thing that caused a big buzz was not the goals, but what did happen was a little brawl between Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Manchester’s Patrice Evra. It wasn’t just any argument that elevated, somehow this one gets uglier because it allegedly included a racist word or so Evra said.

30 year-old French soccer player Patrice Evra said 24 year-old Paraguayan Luis Suarez not only allegedly call him the “n” word once but a total of 10 times. As you can imagine for previous incidents similar to this one, this kind of discussion gets uglier by the hour, or this might just be forgotten, you see the tiny little thing that Evra needs to back up his statement are proof and unfortunately for him there aren’t any, no one heard and there is no video footage that can back up his word.

On the other hand we have Luis, who I might say I know his brother Paolo and he is quite a cool, humble and funny friend, I never had the pleasure to meet Luis but for what Paolo said about his younger brother he is the kindest guy in the world, Luis himself denied saying anything racist or make an inappropriate comment to Evra. He added that he felt furious about being accused of such a thing..

“I am upset by the accusations of racism. I can only say that I have always respected everybody. We are all the same. I go on to the field with the illusion of a little child who enjoys what he does, not to create conflicts.”

This matter is still under investigation, Liverpool is giving their 100% support to Luis, but tell me who do you believe? Suarez or Evra?

Patrice Evra 2Luis Suarez 1Patrice Evra 1

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Sergey Aristarkhov

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