Arron Asham and Jay Beagle’s Fight (Video)

October 15, 2011

Pittsburgh Penguins’ Arron Asham got involved in an ugly fight with Washington Capitals’ Jay Beagle during the third period of their game on Thursday. Have you seen that fight? It was very nasty, have a look.


The players involved in Thursday’s fight might be similar in some way, after all both players are Canadian, the difference between them is that while Ashan has a wide record in getting himself in fights, Beagle on the other hand is clearly not familiar with that, which is what Washington Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin said about the incident and about Ashan’s mocking of Beagle after he was left in the rink.

“It’s a hockey game, but that was pretty tough, Beagle … he’s not a fighter, he’s just, it’s not his job to fight. I don’t know, it’s kind of unrespectful (sic) for players on a different team.

How exactly this fight began is not clear to me, but by looking at the fight Ashan threw two hard punches and knocked him out, he found it funny that Jay just needed two punches from him and that was visible when he gestured with his hand that he (Beagle) was done and put to sleep.

Ashan later sent an apology for that adding that it had been classless of him to do it.

“It’s unfortunate the way the fight ended, I wanted to win but I didn’t want to go out and hurt anyone. It was uncalled for.”

33 year-old Arron Asham from Canada became a Penguin last August after he signed a one year contract worth $700,000 with Pittsburgh. He comes from playing with the Montreal Canadiens. Jay Beagle is just 25, his previous team were the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League, he made his debut with the Washington Capitals in 2009 and last year he re-signed with them for two more years.

Photos: David Livingston

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