Shocking Video of the Week: Cyclist Evan Van Der Spuy Hit by Antelope

October 13, 2011

Poor Evan Van Der Spuy ended up with a very sore neck after he was hit by an antelope while cycling, and this video has gone viral since it was first released, have you seen it? Thank God it was caught on camera otherwise he wouldn’t have known what the heck hit him so friggin’ bad!!

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Shocking videos are sometimes difficult to watch, others you watch one too many times and a few other times you have to see them over and over to understand exactly what happened, I wonder which of those is this one?? The antelope accused of hitting mountain biker Evan Van Der Spuy off his bike is way too big and heavy to miss, if media is right and the antelope seen in the footage is a red hartebeest, one of the 12 species in Africa but can only be found in South Africa. The male can weigh up to 150 kg and the female 120 kg. That was for sure a big knock-out.

16 year-old Evan Van Der Spuy, one of the talented mountain bikers with team Jeep South Africa, was riding along side fellow cyclist Travis Walker, who caught the moment when he was hit on video and uploaded it on youtube. On the same day it was uploaded it received 3.5 million views, today over 6.1 million, I’m telling you this is viral stuff.

Just seconds before the hit, Travis told Evan to watch the puck then the antelope came just out of nowhere, throwing him off the bike, almost knocking his helmet off his head. Luckily the good quality of that helmet saved him from a lot of more damage. Travis’ voice can be heard at the moment of the hit, saying “holy cow”, he rushed to help Evan who clearly was in a lot of pain while lying flat on the grass.

Evan is recovering at home, a picture of him wearing a cervical collar with his laptop has surfaced, he also tweeted about his condition, thanked his teammates, friends and the company who made his helmet….

evanvdspuy Evan van der Spuy
Just saw the footage that put me in hospital with a very stiff neck take my hat off 2 @traviswalkermtb you got some good camera skills man

evanvdspuy Evan van der Spuy
Thanks everyone for the messages @maxcluer @teamjeep & @iamspecialized for your good quality helmet it definitely saved me this weekend!

evanvdspuy Evan van der Spuy
If it wasn’t for @iamspecialized and their Prevail helmet i wonder how serious my injures could of been?

Poor fella, thank God he is doing so much better. No more blah from me, have a look at Evan van der Spuy’s hit off the bike video with his co-star, the antelope…


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