Watch Tiger Woods Attacked by Hot Dog (Video)

October 12, 2011

A 31 year-old man was arrested at the CordeValle in San Martin, California when he threw a hot dog in Tiger Woods’ direction, why do you think he did it? Was he a jealous ex-boyfriend of one of Woods’ many alleged mistresses or he got lost and thought Anthony Wiener was going to make a visit? Neither. In the video posted below you will see what happened and what Tiger had to say about the incident.

tiger woods 1 2Hot Dog

Tiger Woods might not be a favorite in the hearts of many people who can’t forgive him for what he did in November of 2009. Over the months following his comeback after his rehab, divorce and all that ugly mess we have witnessed fans booing him, yelling some nasty things at him and I was wondering if this throwing Tiger Woods a hot dog thing was the ultimate fan-hater prank against the golfer?

Tiger didn’t even realize a hot dog was thrown in his direction he said he was just too focused on his putt. The hot dog pitcher whose name hasn’t been revealed said he didn’t mean to throw his wiener to Tiger but he was just tossing it into the air, which is why when he got onto the grass maybe to pick up the hot dog and realized security running towards him, his intuition told him to play innocent and he threw himself to the ground and put his hands behind his back. But let’s hear what Tiger said exactly…

“Some guy just came running on the green, and he had a hot dog, and evidently … I don’t know how he tried to throw it, but I was kind of focusing on my putt when he started yelling. Next thing I know, he laid on the ground, and looked like he wanted to be arrested because he … put his hands behind his back and turned his head.”

Okay so here is the famous video that might explain what happened.

tiger woods 1 1tiger woods 2

Photos: PNP, Mark Davison

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