Raw Video: Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla Left Blinded in one eye and paralyses on half his face By Bull’s Horn

October 8, 2011

Spanish Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla was horrifically gored during a bullfight that left him blinded in one eye and half of his paralyzed, I must warn you the images of this video are shocking.


38 year-old Juan Jose Padilla from Jerez de la Frontera in the Province of Cadiz is in critical condition at the Zaragoza’s Miguel Servet hospital after he was severely gored by a bull named Marques, from the Ana Romero Ranch who weighed 1,120 pounds, he was the fourth bull in the corrida and the second bull Padilla fought on Friday night.

Juan Jose Padilla was among the fierce bullfighters at the corrida in Zaragoza where the second day st the annual Virgen del Pilar festivities were celebrated. This tragic incident happened right after he posed the banderillas on the bull’s back, he tripped and fell to the ground, the bull took his change to attacked him at this point, his horn went into his left cheek and came out from Padilla’s left eye socket, tearing his skin.

When Padilla stood up you can clearly see blood gushing from face, he starts to scream I can’t see!!! just a second later he was taken off the ring and rushed to the hospital where he arrived conscious but with the feeling of suffocation, in other footage we see the other younger bullfighters covering their faces other were seen with tears in their eyes, the same sorrow was on the face on veteran bullfighter Miguel Abellan who took Padilla’ place and killed Marquez.

Juan Jose Padilla went to a 5 hour operation to save his life and repair the damage on his face and eye, his doctor Antonio Val-Carreres referred to Padilla’s injury as escadalosa en todos los sentidos (scandalous in every possible way) sadly Juan Padilla is blind from one eye and paralyzed from the left side of his face.

Last May we also witness Jose Aparicio been severely gored by a bull, that time the bull’s horn went in his jaw and came out from his mouth.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Rui M. Leal.

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