Shakira And Gerard Pique Split- True or False? Find Out!

October 8, 2011

People are gossiping about Barcelona’s player Gerard Pique cheating on his Colombian girlfriend singer Shakira causing their breakup, but there are other reports that said that is not true and they are still very much in love and still dating, so who is telling the truth, we can tell you!

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I was shocked when I open today’s paper and saw that in the entertainment section there was a story about Shakira dumping her boyfriend Gerard Pique because allegedly he cheated on her, as much as we are sort of getting a bit tired of watching them together and their display of affection all over, I have to say that I like the way they looked, but because the newspaper here at home is just not trustworthy I started to search all over for the truth and so this is what I found..

The rumor about Pique infidelity and Shakira dumping him apparently was first released by a Mexican magazine TV Notas who reported their story on October 4th and it said that Shakira ended her relationship with FC Barcelona footballer abruptly after she caught him cheating on her with a younger girl, younger??? Shakira is 33 and Pique is 24 but she actually looks younger huh? but then I considered the following the source.. because it was TV Notas who released that news I was like no way!! this is absolute rubbish, let me tell you TV Notas is famous for their false rumors and shady gossiping so I need a more reliable source and then….

Foxnews latino was my ally here and they actually talked to Shakira’s manager Rodrigo Beltran and Rodri said Shakira and Gerard are still together and very well, they are aware of the split and infidelity rumors all over Latin America and Europe and they are working on clearing those up.

Meanwhile Shakira is helping her 9.012.708 followers know that she and Pique are still dating by wishing him good luck with Spanish national soccer team

shakira Shakira

Suerte a la selección española esta semana y a mi número 3, muah! @3gerardpique . Shak

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Translation coming up..
Good luck to the Spanish national soccer team and to my number 3, muah!(kiss). Shak

And so guys, this clears up everything, so cheating no breaking up for Shakira and Gerard, they are still waka-waka things up together, Ufff!! that was close.

Shakira Gerard Pique

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