Danny Cipriani and Katie Price Dating?? Imogen Thomas Blasts him on Twitter -Must See Video

October 8, 2011

Katie Price returned to her Sports Wag status, since she has been recently spotted in the company of rugby player Danny Cipriani, but this is a love triangle, because allegedly Danny also had a little fling with Ryan Giggs’ alleged mistress Imogen Thomas and she is firing back via Twitter. This is getting very interesting…

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I really expect that after the whole Ryan Giggs affair scandal Big Brother hottie Imogen Thomas had it with athletes, but apparently it was just a split from soccer players since she might have been having a little romantic experience with the hunky rugby player, who has been spotted with Katie Price also known as Jordan who recently split up from her Argentinean boyfriend Leandro Pena, according to her they had a little language barrier and he wasn’t such a friend of his libido if you know what I mean.

These are the facts about the whole Katie, Danny and Imogen mess: OK so the Sun revealed tons of pictures of Katie with Cipriani, out and about and by that I mean that like her other ex-boyfriends Katie took Danny to some roller coaster time just like she took Leandro and Alex, yeah well the fact that Katie moves on to the next guy extremely fast after a break-up is no surprise to many, but it was an unpleasant surprise to Imogen Thomas who blasted Danny for betraying her with Price on her twitter, this is what she tweeted to her 194,766 followers..

Imogen Thomas
After everything in VEGAS & all the rubbish he told me about his issues, Danny Cipriani is the biggest bull***r out there. Absolute liar.

Ouch!! that hurt maybe not so much it did to Imogen and probably Leandro when they watched Danny and Katie having a fab time together but still ouch!!. Have you seen those pictures? well we don’t have them but we have something better a video, enjoy!!!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Lia Toby, Vince Maher, Tony Clark, Anthony Stanley.

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