Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy DWTS Season 13 Week 3 Video

October 3, 2011

Hope Solo, the beautiful goalkeeper and newest contestant during this 13th season of Dancing With The Stars is performing during the 3rd week along with her professional dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. What was their score this evening? What did the judges say? Can we see their dancing video? Sure, all of that is right here just for you!!

Hope Solo 1 2 3

Before we get started let’s do a little recap here.. During the premiere night of Dancing With The Stars, Hope Solo, one of the best goalkeepers on the female soccer team danced along side Maksim Chmerkovskiy, they actually did a pretty good job by scoring 21 points. During the second week they danced the Jive with music by Avril Lavinge’s Girlfriend, this time the judges went a little harsh on their comments and just gave them 19 points. However, she was safe during the second elimination night last Tuesday.

During this third week of DWTS, Hope and Maks dressed all in black for a real night of seduction with their cha- cha-cha and the amazing music by Enrique Iglesias and his 2010 hit “”Tonight I’m Loving You”.

I think the hottest part was how Hope looked in her black lace dress but I was so wrong, okay these two really have a connection, let me rephrase that, body language connection, almost like they have danced together forever.

Okay then it was time for the judges comments and s usual it was Len Goodman who had the strong words.

“I found the costume and a little bit of the routine a little bit provocative for me. I would have liked a little sharper action… But for me that was your best dance so far.”

As for Carrie Ann and Bruno they agreed they were very sensual adding that she should work on her walk. Their score for the evening was, Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, Bruno 8= 24 out of 30. Not bad!!

The lowest score went to Chaz Bono who received 18 points and the highest went to Ricki Lake who got 27 points. Hope and Maks’ score were the same for Rob Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari and David Arquette. I wonder who will be going home tomorrow?

Have a look at Hope Solo’s dancing video during this 3rd week of DWTS, enjoy!!

Hope Solo 1 1 2Hope Solo 2Hope Solo 3

Photos: www.wenn.com

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