Al Unser Jr. Arrested And Charged For DWI (Mugshot)

September 29, 2011

News of two time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser, Jr. arrested early this morning probably comes as no surprise, as the 49-year-old finds himself in trouble yet again with a DWI charge, this time in Albuquerque. When will this man learn? When someone gets killed due to his recklessness? Ridiculous.

Al Unser Jr Mugshot

Unser was driving his Suburban and reportedly drag racing another car on Paseo del Norte in Albuquerque. According to police, both vehicles were going over 100 miles per hour. The speed limit in the area is 60. He was pulled over by police on Coors Boulevard (how apropos, eh?), where officers reportedly smelled alcohol on his breath and he had slurred speech. He failed a breathalyzer test, with a result of .16. He was formally charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. He is lucky no one was injured, as witness accounts state that the vehicles were weaving across lanes near the Coors exit and other drivers were forced to slam on their brakes. Unser was later released ‘on his own recognizance’.

IndyCar released a statement today following Unser’s arrest:

“Al Unser Jr. has been suspended indefinitely and relieved of his duties in Race Control, pending further investigation.”

Unser had his first DUI arrest in 2007. His blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit, blowing a 0.22. He plead no contest to the DUI charge and was fined $1,000, lost his license for 90 days and had to attend drunk driving school. He reportedly started attending AA meetings and stopped drinking. In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal just 10 days ago, it seemed like he was on the road to recovery, even making amends with his children. Now this. I’m sorry, but this time around jail time is necessary. To be going 100 mph and drunk? This could have turned out very differently, and luckily for him no one was killed or hurt.

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