Mansfield Town Chief John Radford and CEO Carolyn Still Are Engaged!

October 2, 2011

Last month we found out about the newest CEO with Mansfield Town, 29 year-old Carolyn Still, who was appointed after the club’s chairman gave her the title. Later we heard about Ms. Still’s alleged obscure past and now her engagement to Mr. Radford has hit the web. Get all the details about this story and what people are saying about it.

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Carolyn Still was appointed as the newest, youngest female CEO with Mansfield Town, her previous work experience was in fashion, clearly not sports related but she was confident her experience in fashion was going to give favorable results to Mansfield. However the next news about Ms. Still wasn’t so great, the Sun reported about another work experience Carolyn forgot to mention which was allegedly as an escort.

It was rumored that she allegedly worked for two escort agencies before landing into fashion and while studying politics, that she had to do it to pay for her studies. It was also rumored that one of the agencies was McKenzie which came to our ears about four years ago, when it was rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo allegedly hired some ladies from that same agency. Either way the other is believed to be Lucy Brookes, where allegedly some racy pictures of Still can be found but under the name Luella. Hey it rhymes with Cruella!! LOL!

So… because she had no sports experience and was sort of a close friend of John Radford (45), some believed she and Mr. Radford might be romantically involved, however they denied it until a source close to them confirmed it. Not just that but added that they have been dating even before she was named CEO by Mr. Radford. That same source said John and Carolyn told their families and friends about their engagement over the weekend, he popped the question last week, certainly she said “yes” and they are set to get married some time next year.

Now let me tell you what other people are saying around the web, let’s see if you agree with them okay? Some people said he might have met her while she was an escort, others said they figured out they were dating since they found out he named her Stags’ new chairman, otherwise there was no way she would get that job, and the last thing people are saying is that she is a gold-digger, what do you think?

Note* The girl in the picture above is not Carolyn Still.

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