Tiger Woods Hires New Caddie Joe LaCava

September 25, 2011

After so many rumors, Tiger Woods has released a statement about his new caddie, his name is Joe LaCava. Why not find out more about Mr. LaCava, so check it out below!

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Tiger Woods and his former caddie Steve Williams split up after 13 years together, their break up was not well taken by Williams who said some unflattering comments about his former boss, but Tiger didn’t pay attention and wished Steve nothing but the best with his new partner Adam Scott, but then we and probably you wondered who Tiger’s new caddie would be.

In mid August we did a story about Shane Joel and the probability of him as Tiger’s caddie, Joel has been a caddie for Mark O’Meara for many years now. Mr. O’Meara is a dear friend of Tiger, but he never confirmed anything about that, well kind of to tell you the truth he did say Mark offered Shane to caddie for him, but he hasn’t committed to anyone, until today that is, when he released the following statement about his new caddie.

“Joe is an outstanding caddie, and I have known him for many years. I’ve personally seen the great job he did for Freddie (Couples). I’m anxious for us to be working together.”

And Joe seemed pretty excited himself.

“I’m excited to be working with Tiger, I contacted Tiger and (agent) Mark (Steinberg) because this is a unique opportunity to be part of something very special. Tiger and I have been friends for a very long time, and I know what he can do.”

So there you go, he scored himself not just a caddie but an amazing one, so let me tell you some interesting facts about Joe LaCava.

* He is Ken Green’s cousin.

* Back in 1987 he started to be his full-time caddie.

* He left Green in 1989 when his brother Bill Green became his caddie.

* He was Fred Couples’ caddie for 23 years.

* He is happily married to his beautiful wife Megan.

* Proud father of 14 year-old Lauren and 12 year-old Joe.

* In May 2011 he became Dustin Johnson’s full time caddie, DJ split from ex-caddie Bobby Brown in April.

* A lot of credit to JD’s best Major finish at the British Open was given to LaCava.

* If Tiger is considered a golf legend, Joe is a legend himself.

Pretty great, huh? Well, what do you think of this new relationship? Do you think Joe LaCava can help Tiger get back in shape?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Carrie Devorah.

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