Abbey Clancy’s Intimate Pictures Stolen!!

September 25, 2011

Peter Crouch’s amazing wife Abbey Clancy or Abbey Crouch if you’d rather, is the latest victim of phone hacking, like other famous celebrities intimate pictures probably way too revealing have been stolen. Read on to find out more plus don’t miss some photos of our dear Abbey and her hot video after the jump.

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Peter Crouch and Abbey have been together for 5 years, their gorgeous little girl 6 month-old Sophia Robe blessed them with her birth on March 14th, and after two years of being engaged, Abbey became an official Sports WAG on June 30th. In our humble opinion we think Abbey is one of the most beautiful women in the UK, one of the top hottest sports WAGS ever and people who have met her said her beauty comes from the inside.

Which is why the news that hit media this morning has us all so furious at the person who stole the SIM card from her camera or her cell, we are really not sure but the fact those pictures were stolen is no joke.

It has been said some of the pictures stolen were very intimate, I mean topless intimate, and Abbey is hysterical about her pictures which are already circulating around the web.

‚ÄúThis is disgusting. The thought of somebody else being able to get their grubby hands on these pictures is upsetting and embarrassing. Having a breach of trust like this is the last thing she needs. She is determined to find out what has gone on and make sure the person responsible is dealt with appropriately. Abbey is taking this very seriously.”

Abbey has already informed the police, however she has no idea who might be the person who stole the pictures. If you have any information or would like to add a comment about this story we would be more than thankful, your opinion is very important to us.

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Photos: PNP/Daniel Deme, Lia Toby

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