Worst Goal Missed Videos: Fernando Torres vs. Nicklas Hult

September 25, 2011

Over the past days we saw two horrible and so far the worst missed open goals of 2011, the first from Fernando The Kid Torres and the second from Nicklas Hult, which was worse? You will be the judge of that when you check out their videos provided below, Enjoy!!

soccer Open Goal

Chelsea’s new player, Spaniard Fernando Torres, also known as El Nino Torres or the Kid, has not been having such a wonderful time, just a few weeks ago an interview he gave in Spanish put him in jeopardy with his new team’s staff and players after it was believed that he allegedly said some unflattering comments about them, Torres said his words were not translated correctly to English, Chelsea’s trainer said they were still reviewing the tape.

Add to that he hasn’t been giving the results his team hoped from him when they bought him from Liverpool. It has been rumored Torres signed a 5 and a half year deal worth £50 million. He scored his first goal in April and his second on September 18th against Manchester United, but what happened just minutes after that beautiful goal was horrible.

But the media has been saying that his missed (Torres) goal was nothing compared to this one by the foot of Nicklas Hult, people said that after watching this no one will remember Fernando’s embarrassing soccer fail. 21 year-old Nicklas from Sweden is a midfielder playing with IF Elfsborg since May 2009. Before that he used to be with IFK Varmano. On Wednesday Hult and the rest of his team were facing Helsinborg and then there it was, the most amazing goal opportunity and he was the man who ran to reach the #5 and score one for his team, but like Torres, Bam! (This means that ball was lost baby!)

Luckily for him his team still won the match 3-2 but I wonder what the talent scouts from Marseille and Porto who were there merely to look at him thought about this terrible mistake?

Now you tell me which of these two videos you consider to be the worst soccer open goal missed? Torres or Hult? Or do you have any other video in mind, if you do please do share it!

Photos: www.wenn.com

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