Shocking Video of the Week: 8 year-old Cage Fighters

September 22, 2011

A shocking story and even more shocking is the video of these children as young as 5 and 8 that participate in cage fights with a full audience, and a ring girl in revealing wardrobe. The event has been slammed by the British Medial Association and is currently under police investigation. Don’t miss the video after the jump.

Child Fighters

These young children are not playing or practicing karate which might be considerd an art athletically speaking, cage fighting is a brutal sport for these children. Every fight lasts 10 minutes and the young fighters do not wear any helmets or protective padding, some of these kids are only 5 years old. Their parents said cage fighting is perfectly safe for their children adding that these fights are becoming quite popular by the second.

The fight in the video below took place on September 10th in front of over 250 spectators at the Greenlands Labour Club, on Chatburn Road, Preston, Lancashire and it also included a ring girl just like we see at the UFC. Fight organizers are very protective of these fights.

“Competitions start from the age of five, it is definitely a big up-and-coming sport. It is all based around martial arts. The kids are not getting hit or anything at all when they are under age. We do not let them strike – punch and kick – until the age of 14 or 15.”

The British Medical Association also known as BMA do not agree with any of the parents, organizers or fans. They called the fights disturbing especially after watching one of the children in the cage crying, even medical assistance was needed. The father of the child commented:

“It’s not one bit dangerous. It’s a controlled sport. He likes to do it. He’s never forced to do it; he wants to do it, so leave him to do it.”

I think he is a complete idiot, there are several other sports that any child might enjoy and can teach them discipline just as well and more importantly that won’t cause any brain injury to their children. In the meantime the Lancashire police are looking over the video to further investigate.

Have a look at the video below to see these 8 year-old cage fighters and let me hear your opinion, are you against or are you a supporter?


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