Hockey Mom Arrested: Kathia Maria Davis Accused Of Having Sex With Son’s Teammates

September 20, 2011

This story is reminiscent of another hockey mom arrested a few years back with some similarities. What is wrong with these women? Kathia Maria Davis is accused of having sex with two of her son’s teammates, minors, and there could possibly be a third victim. Unbelievable. It makes me sick.

Kathia Maria Davis

Davis, 44, was arrested last Wednesday at her Laguna Nigel home on suspicion of ‘having unlawful sex with a minor under 16 and committing lewd acts with a minor under 14′. A $25,000 bail was set, which she posted and was later released.

The boys were teammates of her son’s Beach City Lightning team, which was part of a youth hockey league in Laguna Nigel. The two victims are no longer on the team.

According to Jim Amormino, an Orange County Sheriff’s spokesperson, details of her sick acts came to light after one of the victims confided to his mother about what was going on. He was under the age of 16 at the time, and the unlawful sex went on for about a year and a half. I can’t even imagine the nightmare this parent is going through knowing what has been going on with her child, let alone what her son is dealing with as well. Davis was allegedly throwing parties and sleepovers for the hockey team and supplying the teens with alcohol.

“The suspect would have parties for members of the hockey team,” said Amormino. “This also involved some sleepovers. One of the alleged acts did happen at a sleepover after family members had gone to sleep.”

Davis is divorced with three children. Amormino doesn’t believe that the son had any clue what was going on. Upon further investigation by authorities, they suspect a possible third victim is out there as well.

What a sicko! This woman should know better. The years of therapy these victims will have to undergo to get through this. We can only hope that they can come out of this virtually unscathed.

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