Watch: David Beckham At Target For The Ellen Degeneres Show (Video)

September 19, 2011

Ellen Degeneres has teamed up with soccer star David Beckham for yet another funny hidden camera video, this time he is trying not to be him, he is just a regular salesperson at Target in charge of showing customers David Beckham’s new perfume and not just by spraying it on their arms or on a piece of paper but on his leg! Check that video out after the jump.

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Ellen Degeneres has made this celebrity hidden camera video famous, and David is not the first. We have previously seen Dennis Quaid, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, Amy Poehler, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and today it was David for the second time on hidden camera for the Ellen Show.

I have absolutely no doubt you remember his first video, for starters he was bare-chested with a lady that is there to give him a massage, only she didn’t know who she was going to give the massage to and of course he told her he doesn’t want to be David. So he asked her to call him Ricky, yep that was a hilarious one and hot!!!!

This time David gears up with a geeky look, reading glasses, baseball cap and a Target uniform to spray customers with his own cologne, DB Homme, but to give them a better smell, Ellen told him to spray it on his leg and have people smell it from there.

Later he sprays customers all over, told one guy to put the cologne in his pocket since nobody is watching, tries to do a southern accent, and when he was asked if he was David he denied it and said although he wish he could be he is just Ricky from Australia, before asking them not to spread rumors.

At the end he reveals his identity because he is part of a television show called Switcherooo!!!! Okay watch that video and then we added this extra footage equally funny, I am pretty sure this will not be David’s last. Stay tuned, he and Ellen will be back for more. Enjoy!!!

Photos: Mr. Blue, Nikki Nelson

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