Watch: AC Milan Vs. Barcelona Highlights & All Goals Video

September 15, 2011

Italy’s amazing team AC Milan met one of Spain’s spectacular teams, Barcelona, and during this Champion League match they left every fan speechless. Check out the highlights, results and all goals video. Enjoy!!!!

AC MilanBarcelona FC

The Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain was the scenario where these two soccer giants met on Tuesday September 13th, but before we get started allow me to tell you both team’s squads..


Valdés, Alves, Busquets, Mascherano, Abidal, Keita, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Messi, Pedro.

AC Milan

Abbiati, Zambrotta, Nesta, Thiago, Abate, Van Bommel, Seedorf, Nocerino, Boateng, Cassano and Pato.

The first goal came by Pato, after just 25 seconds on the clock, what a tremendous way to make a statement to their hosts, but Barcelona was not feeling intimidated with the Italians and they took control of the ball, they missed two opportunities to set the score in their favor with shots from Iniesta and Keita that went just a little too far.

Pato and Boateng came a little too close to the goal zone for Valdes’ taste. This time he would be taken by surprise by Milan and caught both of their attempts to score; Milan made their first change during the 34’, Ambrosini came in for Boateng (he seemed to be injured, so sad he only played for less than 35 minutes) and two minutes later Messi made a terrific pass to Pedro and he scored, the score was now 1-1.

The first half of the game ended with two minutes added in the injury time, with two goals from both teams the first from Pato for Milan and the second by Pedro for Barcelona; a yellow card for Milan’s Van Bommel after he knocked Andres Iniesta down, it was reported he will be out for 4 weeks after suffering a torn hamstring on his left leg, Cesc Fabregas replaced him on the field.

When the second half began we saw Barca’s captain Carles Puyol getting ready to enter the field, Barcelona scored their second goal with an amazing play by David “el guaje” Villa during the minute 50, two minutes later Villa got a yellow card so did Nesta (Milan) during the minute 57. Milan sent Emanuelson to the field for Cassano and Barcelona sent their captain Puyol for Keita during the minute 58.

Pato tried a dangerous shot but Valdes caught it without any trouble, there are only 15 minutes left on the clock by this time and Milan sent Van Bommel to the bench and Aquilane in his place. Milan is trying very hard to score but with Puyol defending things, it might not be so easy. The referee added three minutes to the injury time and then the fans at Camp Nou became mute, Thiago Silva for Milan was the man who turned their volume off when he scored Milan’s second goal, during the minute 92, there was nothing left to do for Barcelona the game was over with a final score 2-2. Real Madrid must be feeling happy right now!!

Photos: Brengola- Diena.

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