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September 12, 2011

Is Alex Rodriguez leaving the New York Yankees? Not that I know of but then why on earth would he move into a $24,000,000 mansion in the sunshine state? For all that we know A-Rod will continue to be a Yankee but I guess he made a good deal on his Miami crib. He and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz will have all the privacy they want or at least that’s what they think. We don’t have the actual pictures but we sure have Alex’s Miami house on video so what are you waiting for? Check out the rest of the story to know more about the house and scroll down for more!

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Earlier this year we found out Alex Rodriguez wanted out of his 15 Central Park West apartment that he rented for $30,000 because he didn’t have any privacy, what? Too many paparazzi or crazy fans?

Well luckily for him none of the above but because he was renting and the owner was hoping to sell it, potential buyers kept dropping by to have a look, I can just imagine what a pain in the neck that must be, just imagine you are A-Rod for a second and on your day off when all you want to do is to chill in your most comfortable clothes maybe your favorite boxers, or shorts and faded t-shirt but then someone unexpectedly knocks on your door. No kidding he was in such a hurry to move into his five bedroom apartment on Riverside boulevard.

I guess his new place is nice but the NY weather can’t provide what Miami can give him and Cameron. After all both of them love to be outdoors, hit the beach and sport their amazing bikini bodies, which is the perfect reason for them to invest $24M in this Florida mansion located in beautiful South Beach. And let me clarify something really quick, he is buying the house not the two of them, sorry about the confusion.

OK so the pictures of A-Rod’s Miami house are provided by Splash News but you can see the video below to check the place out.

Photos: Jeff Daly, Judy Eddy.

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