Imogen Thomas’ Fitness DVD Video

September 10, 2011

Imogen Thomas, a former Big Brother beauty and Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs’s alleged mistress, has released a series of pictures for her fitness DVD where she will show viewers how to keep in shape with boxing. Check out her training and video after the jump!

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So Imogen Thomas has survived one of the most outrageous scandals in British soccer that involved one of England’s dearest soccer players, Ryan Giggs. She spent the worst days of her life when her name was mentioned in that alleged affair with RG, whose name was protected by a gag order but became public after all last year. Even though she might have gotten involved with a married man the worst part was for his poor wife Stacey, who after all forgave him and gave him another chance despite the fact that another lady’s name came up. We will give that topic a rest because today it is all about Miss Thomas and her fitness DVD.

Perhaps you are aware Imogen will release her 2012 calendar very soon, maybe it was because of that that she decided to get in shape. Her fitness secret was really no secret at all, since she was spotted doing some kickboxing at the park. To show you the results she is posing very seductively for her upcoming DVD where she will tell you how to get the best out of your curves like she did.

In the photos below you’ll see her training in the park like we just told you and in the video you will see Imogen in her boxing shorts, gloves and boots ready to kick it. For her faithful male fans Imogen decided to spice things up and get rid of her top, covering her torso with the gloves. Those are some lucky gloves, right guys???

So maybe she didn’t end up well in the whole Giggs’ affair scandal and she had to walk in shame for a while, but today Imogen Thomas is looking very nice. I bet her boxing pics will be on many screen savers, maybe you will buy her workout DVD even if you aren’t the least interested in working out, or what will be your excuse?? She sure is lovely, Enjoy!!!

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