Leila Shennib: Jose Canseco’s Ex-girlfriend Gets Restraining Order Against Him

September 2, 2011

Do you know who the stunning ex-girlfriend of former MLB player Jose Canseco who got a restraining order against him is? Who is Leila Shennib? Find out all about Jose’s alleged harassment on her and why not a little info about Leila and her relationship with Canseco, plus don’t miss their photos and video provided after the jump.

Leila Shennib

24 year-old Leila Shennib used to be Canseco’s girlfriend until February, after that Jose took to his twitter where he began slamming her, insulting her and if that wasn’t enough he posted her phone number, some of his tweets about Leila include these…

‘Little secret about leila shennib just offer her pot and she’s an easy lay. O bye the way she may ask u for a diamond ring or a car and then call you a piece of s*** that’s not human.’ (sic)

This is so shady of him considering he also tweeted about asking Shennib to marry him. We shouldn’t be surprised, this is not the first time he has sent ranting messages like these on twitter, which only puts the “L” on his forehead even bigger. Leila talked about the harassment to the media, she claimed that it all started after she dumped him.

A reporter from the The Miami New Times questioned him about it, the reporter claimed he didn’t sound sorry about the things he did, Canseco even suggested he might do it again. When asked about why would he post her phone number he said it was because he once said he would never forgive Leila and he wanted people to call her and ask her what she did to him, by that point the reporter told Jose he will publish his number and he responded by telling the reporter he was some piece of you know what.

Early last month Leila obtained a restraining order at the Los Angeles Superior Court to keep him away from her, her family and their jobs, and from contacting her or being contacted by a third party. The hearing was scheduled for August 11th but he didn’t show up, so due to the circumstances Shennib was granted with a three year restraining order against Canseco.

“This has all just been embarrassing for me and my family. It amazes me how some people actually believe what Jose has to say and give him so much credibility, considering his past. He’s just an ex-athlete whose ego got hurt that a woman actually left him and has completely gone off the deep end.” Leila Shennib told Radar Online.

Oh man, this was intense, what are your thoughts about this story, do you remember other twitter rants from this athlete? Do you know anything else about this that you’d like to share? Check out Leila and Jose’s pictures below.

Leila Shennib 1Leila Shennib 2Leila Shennib 3Leila ShennibLeila Shennib 1

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Fayes Vision, Rachel Worth

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