Watch: Louisville High School’s Alex Schooley Penalized For Tribute To Dominic Wilgus (Must See Video)

September 2, 2011

Do you think it is inappropriate for athletes to make a tribute celebration for a dear friend when they score for their team? We have seen athletes do this several times and just a few get penalized for this, one of them was Alex Schooley from the Leopards of Louisville High School, check out that moment caught in the video below and judge for yourself if that was fair or unfair.

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The Louisville Leopards are in mourning after the terrible news of the death of their beloved friend and former Louisville student Dominic Wilgus, who lost his life less than two weeks ago. 16 year-old Dominic was severely injured and killed in a car accident on August 22nd at U.S. Route 30 at Neimans Ave. in Osnaburg Township in Stark County, Ohio. Alex Schooley was among the many friends who remained close to Wilgus after he left Louisville and moved to East Canton High in the Osnaburg Local School District in 2010.

Schooley’s tribute to Dominic was a simple gesture to the sky when he caught a touchdown pass in the final quarter with less than two minutes left on the clock, his tribute was considered an excessive celebration by the Ohio High School Athletic Association but if you take a look at the video below you’ll see that it didn’t last more than 5 seconds, but still they added that any excessive celebration is considered a foul because it “draws attention to himself” Oh Come On!!

Schooley is not the first football player who has paid tribute to a dead friend, back in 2010, Cincinnati Bengals’ Chad Ochocinco tried to pay tribute to Chris Henry by wearing his shirt, however due to the NFL’s ruling out any kind of distraction he wasn’t allowed to do so, he was warned about getting a fine if he did, to that he responded by saying he didn’t mind about paying a fine though.

Okay, have you seen the video already, did you notice Alex Schooley in the back with the #14 on his jersey, that wasn’t really an excessive celebration right? Or was it? What do you think? Fair or poor decision?


Photos: Aruna Gilbert

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