Javaris Crittenton Arrested (Mugshot)

August 30, 2011

Javaris Crittenton was wanted by the Police for the shooting and murder of 22 year-old Jullian Jones who was mistakenly shot and died on August 19th. He was considered armed and dangerous on the arrest warrant set by police. Although it was expected that the former NBA player would turn himself in, it was the police who caught him when he was attempting to catch a plane at the airport, watch that moment in the video provided below and check out Crittenton’s mugshot picture.

Javaris Crittenton mugshot

22 year-old Jullian Jones, a mother of four, was shot allegedly by former NBA Lakers and Wizards player Javaris Crittenton. Last week, she died hours later while she has having hip surgery, it is believed she was not the target but one of the two male companions walking with her who might be the same person who allegedly stole some jewelry from Javaris in April, both men ran when Jones was shot.

Witnesses said the suspect fired the gun from a black Chevy Tahoe and identified Javaris Crittenton as the shooter, lawyer Brian Steel confirmed the player was going to turn himself in.

“He offered to turn himself in. He’s not guilty. We look forward to getting it to the courts.”

But then on Wednesday last week Crittenton got on a plane with a one way ticket from Atlanta to Los Angeles, by this time an arrest warrant for him was already set. Steel said he had been in contact with Fulton County District Attorney and with the FBI Fugitive Task Force for Javaris’ arrest.

In L.A., however, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said she wasn’t aware of those negotiations by the time he was arrested at John Wayne Airport in Orange County on Monday night when he checked into a Delta Air flight to Atlanta. Javaris’ attorney, Eldridge Suggs, said his client has been talking about turning himself in since the very beginning, his client is not a murderer he hasn’t been running, he flew to L.A for his workout, and rehab. He added that L.A is his client’s second home, the airplane tickets to L.A were bought weeks prior to Ms. Jones’s murder.

Have a look at the video below where you will see Javaris in LAPD’s custody and what a Police spokesperson had to say about the arrest.

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