Javaris Crittenton Wanted for Jullian Jones’ Murder

August 27, 2011

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton is wanted by the Police since he has been charged with shooting and killing 23 year-old Jullian Jones on August 19th. Keep reading to know all the details about this story and some information about Ms. Jones plus photos and video after the jump.

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23 year-old Javaris Crittenton from Atlanta, Georgia, a promising talent at Georgia Tech was drafted by the Lakers on 2007, the following year he was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, that same year he was once again traded to the Washington Wizards, where that terrible ‘guns in the locker’ incident occurred in 2010 with fellow Wizard Gilbert Arenas.

After Javaris pleaded guilty he received a year probation and was suspended by the NBA for the rest of that season. The Washington Wizards released him and Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bodcats signed him in September 2010, releasing him less than a month later.

On August 26th, we heard the news about a terrible shooting allegedly by the hand of Javaris, where a 22 year-old mother of four was hit, that woman has been identified as Jullian Jones who died during leg surgery following the shooting. According to Major Keith Meadows, witnesses identified Crittenton as the man who mistakenly shot Jullian on the hip from a black Tahoe, it is believed that Javaris’ alleged target was not Jones but a man who allegedly robbed him in April, but when he fired the gun the bullet didn’t hit the man but Jullian who was walking in the line of fire close to her home in the 2900 block of Macon Drive in southeast Atlanta with friends at the time of the shooting (none of those friends were the shooter’s real target). TMZ reported that Javaris was a fugitive due to the fact that police are looking for him. Other media sources report there is a warrant out for him and they hope he turns himself in.

Jullian Jones was described by her family and friends as a great woman, amazing mother, beloved daughter, sister and niece. She was a loyal, funny and kind friend, colleague whose smile could brighten any room. She went to South Atlanta High School and has been a cashier at Checkers since 2009. News outlets reported Jones as a mother of three, AJC said her mother, June Jones, said her daughter was a mother of four.

Our deepest thoughts and condolences go out to Julian Jones’ family and friends throughout this terrible time, Rest in Peace Jullian Jones!!

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