NFL’s Ed Hartwell and Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wu Hartwell Split!

August 23, 2011

Former NFL player Ed Hartwell and his Real Housewife of Atlanta have reportedly split up, the news hit us today ad we wonder about the cause of their separation, could this be another reality t.v. curse, or is it something else? Affair rumors, money trouble or “irreconcilable differences”? Find out in the story below.

Ed Lisa Wu Hartwell

33 year-old Edgerton “Ed” Hartwell and his lovely wife, Real Housewife of Atlanta star Lisa Wu Hartwell called it quits after nearly six years of marriage and one son together. What went wrong? They seemed like a happy couple, didn’t they?

The media has started to gossip about the real reason behind Ed and Lisa splitting up, some said it had something to do with money, and while the first thing that might have crossed your mind probably was if whether one of them is having an affair, for the moment their break up is not affair related, Lisa and Ed went to twitter and released the sad news…….

“Sadly.We r separated but wld NEVER b over money. That is so far frm the truth. Wish ppl cld respect ppl’s privacy during times like these.”

Ed, a former NFL player for the Ravens (2001- 2004), the Atlanta Falcons (2005- 2006), Cincinnati Bengals (2007-2008) and the Raiders in 2008. This line backer from Sin City moved to the Las Vegas Locomotives last year. He got married to 39 year-old Lisa Wu Hartwell in May of 2006 after a year of dating, their son Ed Jr, was born the following year. Lisa has two more children, 16-year-old Jordan and 13 year-old Justin with ex hubby 50 year-old R&B singer, songwriter and music producer Keith Sweat, who has full custody of her boys.

Lisa, a stunning and exotic woman of African-American and Chinese heritage, was part of the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta during season 1 and 2. During that time TMZ reported a series of financial issues between them that made her real unhappy, buying a multi-million house in Atlanta after asking for a loan from the bank and having the bank buying it back because “they defaulted on their adjustable-rate mortgage from the bank”. The house was acquired by Bank of America for half the price they bought it in the first place.

Whatever the reason they had to make this decision, it still is sad especially for their son, let’s hope they do things that they need to do in the most amicable way possible. Share your comments or send Lisa and Ed a message in the comments box below.

Lisa Wu HartwellLisa Wu Hartwell 1

Photos: PNP, Chris Rutherford, Andres Otero

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One Response to “NFL’s Ed Hartwell and Real Housewives of Atlanta Lisa Wu Hartwell Split!”

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    f Says:

    Wow, the only real like couple. THEN. On the Houswives show. I think itwas the money, Lisa said she wanted to stay wealthy, I do believe it is her. Why is the custody of the other children with the father??? he comes off WONDERFUL-but look.