Barry Bonds’ Tested Positive for Amphetamines in 2006

January 11, 2007

Barry Bonds has been under a cloud of suspicion for several years. Stories of Bonds’ alleged use of steroids have been so common that nobody even pays attention to them anymore, but now a report has surfaced that old Fat Head has been taking amphetamines. Although this news was unexpected, it wasn’t a surprise to me when I heard it.

Speed is as much a part of baseball as the corked bat and Vaseline under the brim of the pitchers cap. Playing 162+ games a year in the brutal summer heat wears you down, and several weeks of playing your ass off the body doesn’t recover as fast as it should, so many players resort to putting some pep in their step with the infamous greeny, the preferred upper of MLB.

Unfortunately for Bonds, MLB banned greenies last season. A first amphetamines offense requires six additional drug tests over the following six months. Failing two amphetamines tests results in being outed to the public and a 25-game suspension.

Barry Bonds’ reported positive test for amphetamines last season could be another snag in contract negotiations with the San Francisco Giants.

News of the failed test, reported Thursday in the Daily News, is the latest in a long list of allegations surrounding the slugger, who will face more questions this season about whether he used performance-enhancing drugs in his pursuit of Hank Aaron’s home run record.

According to the report, Bonds failed an amphetamines test in 2006, then blamed it on a teammate. The New York City newspaper reported that when first informed of the positive result, Bonds attributed it to a substance he had taken from utilityman Mark Sweeney’s locker.

And in true Bonds fashion, he blames someone else for his dilemma. What a guy.

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