Shaquille O’Neal Proposed to Betty White- Must See Video

August 20, 2011

Retired NBA star Shaquille is dating Nicole Alexander or was dating her because now a new lady is making Shaq’s heartbeat accelerate and he has even popped the big question, that’s right he proposed, but who is the lucky lady? No other than actress Betty White, you must check out Shaq’s proposal video to Mrs. White below!!

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Betty White is no stranger to sports, about two year sago she was featured in a Snickers commercial playing football, the commercial was because of the Super Bowl and became one of the top Super Bowl commercials that year, even today Betty’s commercial is a favorite among football fans all over, including myself!!

89-year-old Betty White from Illinois is an Emmy Award, Golden Globe, American Comedy Awards, SAG, Disney Legend and a Walk of Fame winner, year after year she takes a more important place in fans’ hearts because of her charm, honesty and comedic skills that made her America’s most respectful actress. Mrs. White has been married three times, first with Dick Barker in 1945, two years later she walked down the aisle with Lane Allen, their marriage lasted two years. She then got married to Allen Ludden in 1963, until he lost his battle to stomach cancer in 1981. Would Shaq be her fourth husband and would we have the pleasure of seeing her become a Sports WAG?

Sgt. Ray Lewis asked Betty to an army ball last month via YouTube, unfortunately she couldn’t make it but fellow actress Linda Hamilton asked the Sgt. to go with her since Betty wasn’t available. Do you think that if Betty rejects Shaq Linda will propose to him then? LOL, that would be funny. Now check out the video!

Okay so the video of Shaq proposing to Betty was posted on his Twitter account, as you will see she rejected him, even slapped him and told him that she was too old for him, so maybe Linda has a chance if she dares or maybe he has to propose again. Betty’s husband Mr. Ludden had to propose twice before she said yes!! Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and ideas with us in the comment box below.

Photos: Dan Jackman, Fayes Vision

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