China: Basketball Brawl Erupts Between Georgetown and Chinese Team At Goodwill Tour (Video)

August 19, 2011

Another fight video is here, seriously we are getting a lot of these lately!!! Yesterday it was a brawl during Spanish soccer match, today it is in college basketball. It came during Georgetown’s goodwill tour where they engaged in a crazy fight with China’s team and everything was caught on tape. Have a look, this fight is really INSANE!!!

college basketball

What is it with athletes these days? For more readers the sound of fights or brawls at a game sounds interesting, crazy and even cool, for others it is just disturbing and so over it. I am starting to think they have been losing their respect for their team, fans and teammates, why do they do this kind of thing?

I guess I will never understand, just yesterday we witnessed one, it took place during soccer’s Super Cup final match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, a match that never got to end the way it should because of the players getting in a fight even coaches got involved and that was just nasty to see not to mention annoying!!!!

This kind of behavior might be getting a bit contagious because today a brawl video was released, this time it was at a basketball game also in the last minutes of the game between Georgetown vs. China men’s team on Thursday night in China where Georgetown is part of their goodwill tour.

This 10 day tour was meant to strengthen both countries’ ties, but I very much doubt this is the best way to go, I mean players were getting ready to start throwing chairs at each other, I hope their next match on Sunday in Shanghai ends differently, it is just embarrassing!!

“Tonight, two great teams played a very competitive game that unfortunately ended after heated exchanges with both teams.We sincerely regret that this situation occurred.” Georgetown coach John Thompson III.

Watch Georgetown and China’s Bayi Rockets brawl in the below and share your thoughts!!


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