Shocking Video Of The Week: Super Copa Real Madrid vs. Barcelona Fight Video

August 18, 2011

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona ended up with a win for Barca and a fight between players and staff. This fight video between Spain’s big soccer sensation is our Shocking video of the week, why not? Hot soccer players getting feisty and sweaty it can’t get any better, wait! Let me rephrase that it can get better if their wives and girlfriends were the ones in their place, sorry about that mistake. So let’s check out what led them to that fight and let’s enjoy the video.

Real Madrid Barcelona 1

During the first leg between Real and Barcelona on Sunday for the Super Copa final, Barcelona defeated the Merengues 2-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu. On Wednesday Barca will meet them at their home the Camp Nou, Real Madrid was forced to win and for a second it seemed they might get there, Barcelona opened the score board with a goal by Andres Iniesta during the minute 14’ in the first half, then just seconds later it was Real Madrid with a beautiful goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, a corner kick by Ozil to Benzema and then to CR7 and into Valdes’ net, the score was 1-1. Close to the end of the first quarter during the minute 43’ it was la pulga Lionel Messi who got into Casillas goal zone putting the score 2-1 in Barca’s favor.

During the second half Real’s coach Mourinho sent Kaka onto the field, his corner kick to Karim Benzema gave the Whites their second goal during the minute 80’ but Lionel Messi was just getting warmer as he scored Barca’s third and last goal with Barca’a newbie Cesc Fabregas that gave them the Super Copa or Super cup title. Real Madrid was infuriated and Marcelo let it show when he performed a dirty tackle on Fabregas, who ended up on the floor and the Brazilian was sent off the field after he received a red card but wait a minute then all the players were fighting, even Barca’s second goalkeeper Pinto was there, which is not surprising but then we saw Higuain fighting Villa, then someone slapped Ozil on the face, OMG! This is bad, cool but very bad, Ozil received a red card so did Villa but the worse I saw was Real’s coach Jose Mourinho pitching Barca Tito Villanova’s eye, Man! This is really a disgrace. No wonder Real are behaving this way, it is just the way he wants them to behave I mean he is an amazing coach but his behavior and soccer tactics are una porqueria! (Google it!! LOL!) which is my personal opinion, it is just messing up Spanish soccer.

No more Blah from Mua! Have a look at the Real Madrid and Barcelona fight video during the Super Cup final below, please guys share your comments tell me what do you think I am dying to hear ya! Almost forgot we added the all goals video as well!

Real Madrid Barcelona 4Real Madrid Barcelona 1 1Real Madrid Barcelona 3Real Madrid Barcelona 5Real Madrid Barcelona 6Real Madrid Barcelona 2


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