LA Galaxy’s New Sports WAG: Robbie Keane’s Wife Claudine Keane

August 17, 2011

There is a new Sports WAG in California as Robbie’s Keane’s stunning wife Claudine Keane sets foot in the La-La State. Keep reading to know more about Claudine and whether she might give Posh a little competition or might become her newest BFF! Plus don’t miss Mrs. Keane’s gorgeous photos and video after the jump.

Claudine Palmer Keane

Los Angeles Galaxy recently contacted West Ham United and asked for Robbie Keane onto their squad as a loan as they traded Colombian forward Juan Pablo Angel, and well the rest is history blah, blah, blah. We want to hear about Robbie Keane’s spectacular leggy wife Claudine, even the sound of her name is so hot!!!

31 year-old Keane and his wife, 28 year-old Claudine Palmer (maiden name) a former Miss Ireland, dated for six years before getting married on June 7, 2008 in Ballybrack, south Dublin followed by a wedding reception at the Co Wicklow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Claudine gave birth to the couple’s first child together Robert Ronan Keane Jr on May 10th, 2009 via c-section just a few days before her due date, her beautiful baby boy is named after her father in-law who lost his battle to liver cancer in 2003.

Mrs. Keane, like Mrs. Beckham, are amazing in looking utterly hot and freaking thin less than a month after giving birth, we have seen both of them showing off their amazing post baby figures , how they do it? Great genes? I think so.

Some in the media are posting polls to have readers select who they would rather choose, in my opinion both WAGS are amazing and let’s put it this way now there are two hot wives, a blond and a brunette. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them getting along just great, maybe not BFF great but very close!

If you are glad Keane and his beautiful family are coming to America let me tell you that a big part of that decision was because of Claudine. She was looking forward to her hubby playing in the United States.

“Would I like to see him play for a team like LA Galaxy? Yes, I would love that, but it changes all the time,” she once said and her hubby confirmed it… “I have always wanted to come and play in MLS.”

And we are ecstatic to welcome them, maybe her a little bit more but how can we not, have you seen this woman, Un-be-lie-va-ble!!! And if you still have doubts have a look at Claudine Keane’s pictures and the video provided below, you’ll see what I am talking about!!

Claudine Palmer Keane 1Claudine Palmer Keane 2Claudine Palmer Keane 3Claudine Palmer Keane 4Claudine Palmer Keane 5Claudine Palmer Keane 6Claudine Palmer Keane 7Claudine Palmer Keane 8Claudine Palmer Keane 9Claudine Palmer Keane 10Claudine Palmer Keane 11

Photos: Will Alexander, Brian McEvoy

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