VIDEO: Major Mike Harlow Surprises Wife At Baseball Game!!

August 12, 2011

Have a look at this emotional family reunion, when Major Mike Harlow makes a return from Afghanistan and surprises his family at a baseball game. This is by far one of the coolest, amazing and heartbreaking family reunions we have seen this year. Find out more about this surprise, take a moment to send Mike, wife Darla and the rest of the Harlow family a message and certainly don’ forget to take a look at the video after the jump!!

first pitch

Don’t you just love family reunions? I adore them to see their surprise, tears, laughter and hugging each other. It is just the best images someone can treasure in their lives, even if you are a complete stranger watching it is just an amazing thing to witness. I guess we all get emotional, shed a few or a sea of tears watching families getting together after a long time apart. Well this was the case of the Harlow family, maybe the time they have been apart was not that long considering the amount of times other families have, but when a member of the family leaves his family to serve his country to go to war, I think how long he goes is not important, just the thought they might never see each other again is horrible.

The Harlow family consists of dad Mike, mother Darla and their two beautiful daughters Casey and Molly Carol. He also happens to be an Army Major. Harlow, who has been separated from his beloved family since December 2010, has just 10 weeks to be with his family before his return to Kandahar in Afghanistan. What better way to do so than with a surprise.

This reunion took a lot of work but it came up just perfect. Darla Harlow and her daughter were ecstatic to be chosen to throw the first pitch at the game between the Mississippi Braves and the Carolina Mucats, the Harlows are major Braves fans and when she found out she won tickets for her and her daughters to attend the game she thought that was awesome and then to be chosen to throw the first pitch it was even better! Little did they know they never were randomly chosen.

Darla came to the plate and threw the first pitch to the catcher wearing a Braves uniform, he caught it and started to walk to Darla, but he wasn’t a baseball player it was her husband Major Mike Harlow!

She burst into tears, hugged her husband and then the girls joined them, the reunion was just a magical, dear moment. According to Major Harlow, this was not the first time he surprised his wife Darla but at least it was the first she didn’t faint, poor thing!!! This time he came up with the idea after he missed his daughter’s high school graduation. Darla hoped he would drop by as a surprise, but he wasn’t able to at the time so he thought this was perfect, even more so because neither of them expected that from him.

Photos: Johnny Louis

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