VIDEO: Kevin Durant’s Awesome Reverse Dunk In Pro-Am Game

August 11, 2011

Don’t you think dunk videos are just freaking awesome to watch? I think so too, which is why when I found this insane reverse dunk I never hesitated to show it to you, so who did it? When? Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant pulled an amazing reverse dunk during a a pro-am game in Baltimore, this is a must see, because let’s be honest this is a jaw-dropping video, so check it out!

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, the 22 year-old forward and shooting guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has had an awesome 2011 so far. He was an NBA All-Star, NBA First Team, plus he was this year’s NBA Scoring Champion. The Washington native was drafted in 2007 by the SuperSonics of Seattle and then to the Thunder the following season. Last year he signed a 5 year contract worth approximately 85 million. It has been rumored that Durant might have his eyes on somewhere overseas, perhaps near where former New Jersey Nets player Deron Williams is, according to sports media Kevin could be following in Williams’ steps pretty soon and join the Turkish team, Besiktas.

Now this sweet reverse dunk came at the Melo Center in Baltimore where on Monday at a Pro-Am game our man Durant did this amazing dunk, check that out right now!!!!

Yeah Baby!! That’s what I’m talking about! Wasn’t that like a little piece of heaven? I gotta tell you I can watch these kinds of videos over and over, goals at soccer games are also some of my personal favorites, we will see you next time with more amazing videos. Have any that come to your mind right now that we missed out? Don’t be shy, let us know so we can include some of your selections! Feel free to leave us your comments, ideas or any additional information that you’d like to share, we are great listeners!!

Kevin Durant 1Kevin Durant 2

Photos: Adriana M. Barraza, KOKOPIX

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