Gerard Pique’s GF Shakira Now a Golfer (VIDEO)

August 10, 2011

Gerard Pique from Span’s soccer club Barcelona as you all know is dating Colombian singer Shakira, who became famous with her Waka-Waka song for the FIFA World Cup and her hit She-wolf, but today Shakira is showing off a new side of her we didn’t know about as a golfer. Check her out in the video below and judge for yourself how much of a golfer she is!

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Gerard Pique and girlfriend Shakira have been categorized as the most annoying couple by some media, I think they are just happy with each other’s company, clearly falling very much in love and enjoying every free second of their schedules to be with each other and for them that’s all it matters. So like it or not they are together and they are not afraid to show it off.

So we all know plenty about this exotic sports WAG, Colombian signer, humanitarian and golfer, it seems Shakira is quite a golfer. She was showing off her skills on the golf course in Puebla, Mexico and added that golf is the only sport she is good at, her lack of reflexes kills her but in golf it is all about concentration which in her opinion she is good at.

“I love golf!! I’m really bad at sports, believe it or not. If you threw a ball at me, you would probably break my face because I have no reflexes whatsoever. But in golf, you just need concentration, of which I have plenty, and hip swing is very important.”

But golf is all about the hips, which as we all know she is super HOT at, but you know what else golf is all about? The tongue? Say what again?

It turns out Shakira is quite a golf instructor and has her own techniques to show others how it is done the Shakira Style. So to know if your body is in the perfect position to shoot a ball you have to be able to touch your shoulder with your tongue. Okay if she said so, I guess it is cool!

I won’t take any more of your time, watch the video of Shakira as a golfer, some parts are in Spanish but there are a few interesting ones in English. Tell us what you think, does Lorena Ochoa have some competition? Maybe not but we sure love to see Shakira’s golf techniques. I wonder if Pique plays too, do you know??

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Photos: PNP, John Saint-Hilaire

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