Alex Morgan And Servando Carrasco are dating!!

August 2, 2011

US Women’s National Team and Western New York Flash’s forward Alex Morgan has been reportedly been dating Seattle Sounders FC’s midfielder Servando Carrasco for years now, I had no idea, you? Either way join us in this story and we will take you on a trip around these two young soccer lovers and their impressive career, plus we have some photos and their videos below, make sure you don’t miss those!!!!

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What are the odds, two beautiful, talented 22 year-old athletes from California hooking up? I think that is very probable, but keeping it secret for not one or two but three years, taking in consideration they are high profile soccer players is very rare. The truth is that when I found out these athletes managed to fool the media and keep their romance in secrecy, I felt even more respect for them. Some other guy or gal could shout to the world he or she is dating another athlete and become even more famous or why not become America’s Sports golden couple, but not Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco, for them their private life is just that, private.

Are you wondering about his name too? I am too and I am Latina. Even for me his name is just not common, Servando was born in Coronado, California his name has a Spanish origin and means to serve, his beloved mother Mrs. Gloria Carrasco was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast cancer while he was playing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, thank God she won her battle with cancer. Servando went to the University of California, Berkeley where like Alex he played soccer with Cali’s Golden Bears.

Alex and her beau met at Berkley, they joined the Bears in 2007 through 2010. During those three years he played in 73 games, scored 13 points and 39 assists, she played in 67 games, scored 107 points and 17 assists. As for their relationship after college and into MLS, she once said…

“We spent almost four years in college together and we knew this was coming. We were prepared for it. We are both trying to live our dreams as professional athletes. We know each other’s schedules and we respect that.” as for her other half..

“I think that’s one of the reasons why our transition from college to pro soccer has been easy for our relationship. We’re in the same lifestyle and we’re able to talk every now and then, so it’s good.”

She became America’s soccer sweetheart, believe me that love and sympathy is worldwide and he is a very talented, young, kind, handsome man, together they make a beautiful couple, Congrats!!

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Photos: Ivan Nikolov.

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